Barndominium Vs. Manufactured Home: What’s the Difference?

With home prices higher than ever and homeownership getting more inaccessible, people are looking for options. The advent of the alternative housing movement means there are a lot more choices than there used to be. If you want to build a home, you can find something that will work for you and your family for much less money. Knowing the difference between a barndominium vs. manufactured home can help you make a good choice. 

barndominium vs. manufactured home

While barndominiums and manufactured homes have similarities, they are more different than you might realize. Knowing the differences between a barndominium vs. manufactured home can help you choose. With the right knowledge and a good understanding of what each has to offer, you can build your dream home. Plus, you can save money in the process by having a complete picture of which is best for you. 

Is a Barndominium a Manufactured Home? 

While a barndominium and a manufactured home might be similar, they are not typically the same. One of the biggest things that stands out between them is the framing. Barndominiums generally have a post-frame type structure, which consists of poles driven into the ground. Manufactured homes are built in sections and shipped to the building site with traditional framing. 

Most barndominiums are also built using the shell of a metal building meant for other purposes. Using the pole barn structure, people build barndominiums by modifying them and turning them into residences. Manufactured homes are meant to be lived in, so they require little in the way of modification. When learning the difference between a barndominium vs. manufactured home, this is the main thing to keep in mind. 

Barndominium Vs. Manufactured Home Similarities 

The main similarities between a barndominium vs. manufactured home come from the way they are built. Both of these home types are created and manufactured at factories and then shipped to the building site. This means that you can simply order a home and have it brought to wherever you want to build. This takes out the middleman of sourcing materials and finding all the things you need to build your home. 

barndominium vs. manufactured home

The other main similarity with building a barndominium vs. a manufactured home is the speed with which they can be built. Because both of these home types come in kits, they are incredibly easy to get up off the ground. This cuts the build time by about half, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you have a smaller budget or less time, either of these options could be right for you. Check out barndominium kits under 50k to find the right kit for you.

Barndominium Vs. Manufactured Home Differences 

While both of these home types have similarities, they are also very different from one another. By understanding the major differences between a barndominium vs. manufactured home, you can choose wisely. 


If you are looking to build a home that you can customize, a barndominium is going to be your best bet. Barndominium manufacturers allow for a wide range of customization options and modifications. This means that you can spend less money and still get the home you have been dreaming of. As long as you have a design in mind, you can get a kit that will match your plans. 

With a manufactured home, you are at the mercy of the designs that are offered. This lack of modification options is what makes the barndominium vs. manufactured home debate so crucial. While you may be able to find a design that you love, you could also end up stuck making compromises. Depending on your plans and needs, a barndominium could be a better choice. 


When it comes to the actual structure and durability of a barndominium vs. manufactured home, there is no contest. A barndominium is going to be much stronger in the long run and meant to last. Because of this, if you are building in an area with harsh weather, a manufactured home may not work. Getting the most durability you can is essential with both of these alternative housing types. 

The reason that a barndominium will be stronger is the frame. The post frame design is incredibly strong due to the posts driven into the ground or concrete slab. By having this solid base and structure, you can be sure your barndominium will last. If you are building your forever home, you want to be sure that it can withstand all kinds of weather and conditions. 


When choosing between a barndominium vs. manufactured home, size is incredibly important. Most manufactured homes are going to be relatively small, with either a single-wide or double-wide layout. With a barndominium, though, you can make your home as big as you want it to be. With customization and specific floor plans, you can create a home that is just as big as a traditional house if you want. 

Barndominium Vs. Manufactured Home: Which is Better? 

For the most part, the answer of whether a barndominium vs. manufactured home is better depends on the situation. One may be better for you than the other based on the land you have and what you want out of it. However, in most areas, a barndominium will be a better choice. With more options and a stronger structure, a barndominium is a better long-term housing solution for most people. 

barndominium vs. manufactured home

If you plan on living in your new home for a long time, a barndominium will give you better value. They are more equipped to stand up to poor weather and years of use. However, no home is fully protected from the elements, and you will have to do some maintenance no matter what. When choosing between a barndominium vs. manufactured home, the choice will ultimately be yours to make. 


Deciding between a barndominium vs. manufactured home is an incredibly personal decision. Knowing what each one has to offer and how they are similar or different can help. With the right choice, you can enjoy your custom dream home for many, many years. 

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