What Is Considered A Barndominium?

The term ‘Barndominium’ has a few meanings. It is a neologistic portmanteau of the words ‘barn’ and ‘condominium’.

One definition of this word, refers to a type of steel building that is used in a non-traditional structure. 

Often with a steel frame and sheet metal siding. These are often designed and originally used as storage buildings or barns that have been repurposed for living areas from what was previously an open space.

These buildings are often built on existing properties, or multi-acre home sites. They are often dual purpose for living, or work and storage.

What is considered a Barndominium

If the area is large enough then it may hold things such as recreational vehicles, or if near the water, then boats too. 

The term ‘Barndominium; is also often used for wood framed structures, and it is also often called a ‘barn home’, or even just ‘ a barn with living quarters’.

Sometimes also notes as bastles, housebarns, and connected farms.

This can often be in reference to the conversion of an old farm barn into a fully functional home, as it is not out of place for any building to be converted into a living space now, it is often done with old churches, shops and in this case, barns too. 

In typical reference though a Barndominium is often a steel building, which can be quite large, that will have room for a shop/garage area, as well as living quarters. Many may even feature a horse stable.

However, many Barndominiums are actual barn to home conversations. Although, more and more are now constructions of new homes from the ground up. 

What is the difference between a Pole Barn and a Barndominium?

A Barndominium used to be a pole barn with added living quarters. Some of those designs were build on steel frame barns whereas others were build on wood post-frame pole barns.

However, when we refer to Barndominiums today, we typically refer to steel frame buildings. It is made from thick steel columns which makes it easier to have large open floor plans, as the columns are typically spaced 12 to 20 feet apart.

With Barndominiums the interior does not need load bearing walls like a traditional home does. The steel frame will offer more than enough support for the roof beams and the rafters. 

Barndominium columns are mounted to a concrete foundation.

While many of these will have stab concrete foundations, you could also build a steel frame over a partial, or even full basement. 

So you can make a perfectly good home out of a Barndominium. 

In contrast to Barndominiums, Pole Barn homes are built with wood posts that are anchored into the ground.

These posts are not as far apart as with Barndominiums, instead they are spaced at about 8 to 12 feet apart. Their wooden frames will therefore also offer less support.

However, the wood post frame design will remain more stable in comparison to traditional wood studded frames.

These barns home can also have large open floor plans, and almost endless design possibilities. The post-frame also eliminates the need for load bearing glass.

So, in comparison the only real difference between these to barn homes is the materials used, the column spacing, and the way that the columns are secured. 

What makes a Barndominium?

Aside from the obvious structural points of Barndominiums, they are exceptionally efficient, affordable, and low-maintenance.

The style of living in a Barndominium has grown in popularity since 2017.

Barndominiums can be extremely energy efficient, in their windows, their engineers concrete slabs, stained concrete floors, spray foam insulation that offers warmth, and their tall ceilings that give you a really spacious vibe and makes your home even more appealing. 

Barndominiums are very versatile, their design is often very open and very customizable, you can really make a Barndominium yours.

Many are also large enough that you could use them as a restaurant, shop, or bar, or even a combination of all three if you are inventive enough.

They are also easy to construct, many of the materials for these houses are readily available, and if you do not want to hire someone to build your Barndominium, you can pretty easily do it yourself. 

If you want more space, you can just add it. It is so customizable that if you wake up one day and feel like there should be an extra wall in, you can simply do that, they are large, and open plan, and therefore you can just run wild with your customizations of your home.

It will never get too crowded. Barndominiums offer homeowners creative freedom with their homes, as well as ease and a uniqueness you just cannot get from a standard house. 

What type of home is a Barndominium?

Many Barndominiums that are build today are very large, open buildings that are made from a steel frame and their sheet metal siding.

They are large, and their open nature gives them an appearance that could be easily matched up with a storage building or a barn structure.

Interior living spaces are build around and above a sizeable and free area. These houses are also generally very modern, not that you would think so. 

The finished home will incorporate all the essential comforts of any other house, with the added brilliance of complete and utter creative freedom with your living space, you can add things in, take them away and never feel too crowded, because these places are often so open, it doesn’t really matter. 

Barndominiums are their own type of home, they do not really fall under any other housing category.

They have become more popular in recent years and are especially popular in states such as Texas and Wyoming. 

Open areas with plenty of land see many Barndominiums pop up here and there.

They are so easy to construct that it is often a good choice for people who want to live somewhere with loads of space, a uniqueness to their home, and have creative control over their home.

Barndominiums are a thing of the future, and they are brilliant.