The Best Small Barndominium Ideas To Turn Your Tiny Barndominium Dreams into a Reality

If you’re aiming to lead a simpler life, building a small barndominium might be a great way to start. While the cost of a barndominium is definitely a lot less than that of a traditional house, a small barndo can be even more efficient and affordable.

Having a tiny home can be an incredibly rewarding experience. In fact, the tiny home market is expected to grow to $4.7 billion by 2026, with most of that growth taking place in the United States.

With the right planning and foresight, living in a small space can bring numerous benefits, including financial savings, environmental sustainability, and personal growth. It may sound intimidating at first to live in such a limited area, but it does not have to be if you approach it with creative problem-solving skills.

This guide will give you five awesome small barndominium ideas that combine the best of barndo living and a tiny home into one compact yet stunning design.

When building a small barndominium, consider using a barndominium kit under 50k to help you expedite your construction project and save costs on your overall project.

small barndominium ideas


Create a Small Barndominium Plan with Height in Mind

By going vertical with your small barndominium floor plan, you can make the most of limited space while still having plenty of room and amenities. The concept behind verticality is to create an efficient and comfortable living space by using extra square footage in creative ways.

A kitchen space, for example, can be improved with the use of additional height to provide additional cabinets and shelves for pots and pans to be stored vertically. Essentially, by taking advantage of every inch of available space, homeowners can make the most of their tiny home living experience.

With the right home design, homeowners can create an efficient living area with plenty of space to entertain guests and utilize the added height without obstructing the style of their homes.


Make the Most of Natural Light

It’s amazing what a difference natural light makes in your home! Make sure to take full advantage of it for your small barndo home by installing large windows and skylights if available.

The key to making use of natural light in your barndominium home is proper planning and placement of windows during construction. When determining window placement, consider the orientation of the sun relative to your home and the time of day that you’re most likely to be in each room.

Your home can save up to a staggering 75% of utilized energy for lighting and cooling by maximizing natural light. Not only that, but it can also help to brighten up even small spaces and make them appear larger and more inviting.

With the right design elements, you can maximize natural lighting in your home to create a stylish living space that is environmentally friendly as well.


Choose Space-Saving Furniture

One way you can maximize space in a tiny home is by utilizing furniture that has been specifically designed for small spaces. Space-saving furniture is essential if you want to create a luxurious yet cozy atmosphere in your barndominium.

A practical example of this is a sofa bed, which can double as both a comfortable seating area and extra sleeping space when needed. Folding chairs are also ideal for barndominiums as they can be put away when not in use, creating more room for entertaining guests or relaxing activities like reading or watching TV.

When it comes to choosing furniture pieces for your barndominium home, you should also consider multi-functional items such as ottomans that can act as extra seating or storage, as well as adjustable tables that can be used for dining and working.


Keep it Simple

When living in a small barndominium, be sure to limit clutter and keep things simple as much as possible. While barndominium interiors can take many forms, investing in minimalist pieces can help create an open atmosphere in a small space.

This means avoiding overly large furniture pieces with intricate details that could make the space seem cluttered. Instead, opt for streamlined silhouettes that will offer visual interest without taking up too much room.

By utilizing space-saving furniture, you can make the most of your barndominium home and create a comfortable living space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Your Outdoor Space has Hidden Potential

You are most likely to have plenty of outdoor space, so take full advantage of it by adding a patio or deck, or investing in comfortable seating options like hammocks and chairs. This will help create additional living space for your tiny home without taking up any extra room indoors.

Adding your own personality to outdoor spaces is another way to make them fun. Consider installing a fire pit or chiminea so you can stay warm on chilly nights. You might even want to invest in an outdoor movie projector and screen to watch movies with family and friends under the stars.

Small Barndominium Ideas: Final Thoughts

With careful planning, creativity, and dedication, constructing a small barndominium can be an enjoyable and fulfilling journey. Although tiny homes do not appeal to everyone, they are well worth trying for many.

Barndominiums can generally be found in a variety of sizes and styles, making them a viable alternative to a traditional home. For more tips and tricks on barndo living, check out

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