Can You Get Barndominium Insurance?

If you recently invested in or built your own Barndominium you may now be questioning whether it is possible to get Barndominium insurance–the answer is yes. Some may view the task of insuring their Barndominium as a chore, especially as it differs from standard home insurance, however, it is a matter of importance. 

Your insurance coverage will depend on your proposed use of the Barndominium, the neighborhood in which it is situated, and how closely located it is to safety systems. Because of this, when selecting your insurance you must ensure that you understand all of the terms and details.

Can you get insurance on a Barndominium?

The majority of Barndominium insurance providers will cover exterior damage (e.g any damage that has been inflicted onto the structure of the building) and any interior damage to contents that are contained inside the structure. Generally, you will be covered against damage caused by vandalism or the impact of an electrical failure.

Most will also provide coverage against natural disasters and hurricanes etc.  However, many policies don’t cover disasters that are considered to be an act of god (a hurricane, a fire, or flood). The majority of insurance companies will cover the following contents; clothing, appliances, and furniture.

If your Barndominium is improperly maintained it is unlikely that your insurance will cover this. Typically, insurance policies will cover injuries that have been caused as a result of structural damage. This is likely to include medical expenses that you have been faced with because of your injuries, and any disabilities whether they are permanent or temporary, which you have suffered.

Often they will cover third parties too. Essentially, this means that if somebody visits your Barndominium and suffers an injury that requires medical attention, your provider will cover any medical costs that have been incurred. In some instances, you may find a policy that covers you against any repairs that your Barndominium requires.

For example, if these repairs are rather severe and have forced you out of your home, you will be entitled to a reimbursement to cover the costs of living elsewhere. 

As mentioned, your Barndominiums eligibility for insurance will depend on several factors. Although many individuals will choose to use this space for living purposes, others will use them for business purposes. The intended use of the Barndominium will influence the premium that you should expect to pay.

One of the main reasons why Barndominiums are becoming popular is because of their versatility. They often provide occupants with enough living room with space left over for storage. Your insurer will assess the ratio of space that is being used for storage and business purposes against the amount of space that is being lived in.

They will then decide whether they deem your Barndominium eligible for the policies that they offer. Insurance companies will also assess where you are situated and how close this is to safety and security systems. If you are within proximity, this will provide them with the assurance that you will be able to respond to and control any type of unexpected incident. 

Most insurance policies will have exclusions which we have mentioned above and there are also factors that will influence how much you should expect to pay for your policy. For example, if you have claimed against an insurance provider on several occasions in the past, you should expect to be charged more, especially if these claims were for severe or extensive damage.

Also, think carefully about the neighborhood in which you plan to build your Barndominium. For example, if you plan to build it in an area that has a reputation for vandalists or is at particular risk of natural disaster, the insurance provider is more than likely to increase your premium in response to this. 

Who insures Barndominiums?

The majority of US insurance companies will provide insurance to Barndominium owners, just like they would provide insurance coverage to individuals that own traditional homes. When selecting an insurance company, you must pay close attention to what the policy offers and the type of insurance that you will be covered by. We highly recommend 

When discussing Barndominium insurance types, there are three different categories to recognize. The first is Actual Cash Value insurance. Essentially, this policy accounts for the value of your Barndominium, as well as the value of the assets that are inside it. The premium of this policy is typically lower and is based on the condition of the property and contents before it endures any type of damage. 

The next type of policy that most providers offer is based on extended value. Whilst the first policy mentioned simply covers the cost of the structure and the contents, this policy will also consider the cost of any potential repairs, even if the repairs are so severe that the whole structure needs to be rebuilt.

The events that led to such damage must be contained within the details of the policy otherwise it will not be eligible. Most providers tend to charge a higher premium for a policy of this kind. 

The final policy is based on replacement costs. Though this may seem similar to the concept of an actual cash value policy at a glance, there are in fact differences to identify between each.

This type of policy will cover you for any repairs that your Barndominium requires so long as they amount to the value of the structure and the contents that are inside it. This policy also tends to incur a fairly low premium. 

To find the best Barndominium insurance provider, it is important to conduct your research beforehand. There are many different insurance companies available, however, they may not all offer the cover that you require.

Before signing any type of documentation, you must make sure that the policy that you are selecting is right for you and your Barndominium and the premium is reflective of the structure and whether or not you have a history of claiming against your insurance provider.  

To learn more and get a quote for Barndominium insurance, visit our page dedicated to insuring your Barndominium