Can You Build a Barndominium in Kentucky?

Yes, you can build a Barndominium in Kentucky. Many people appeal to the idea that they can build their own home anywhere in the world that they want, but the time commitments and high cost quickly dwindle this dream.

For this reason, a Barndominium is a much more attainable option as building one is much less expensive and daunting of a task. Barndominiums are becoming very popular thanks to the tiny house movement, so now is an ideal time to invest and get started designing the barndo of your dreams. 

The main benefit of building a Barndominium is the low cost of construction and planning. A barndo can be built within weeks rather than a large house which can take up to months to complete the structure. This will save you money on labor costs and materials.

As Barndominiums are smaller than traditional homes, they are much easier to maintain than larger houses. This is another appealing advantage for many people. The metal exterior and pole structure are easily wiped clean as well as durable.

There is plenty of land for sale in Kentucky, meaning that there is plenty of room to go around and you won’t be stuck with extortionate prices for land, as well as the cost of your Barndominium itself.

Kentucky offers a humid subtropical climate for the most part, with an oceanic climate on the highlands around the southeast. The summers are hot and the winters are cold, which is ideal for Barndominium living.

While Barndominiums are made from metal, this doesn’t mean that they get oppressively hot during the summer. The barndo will actually keep the cool air inside the house during the summer and the cool air out in the winter.

If you’re someone who suffers from the climate changing from hot to cold, a Barndominium can be a good option for you to slowly transition between weather extremes.

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in Kentucky?

When considering the price of construction, it will be calculated based on square footage rather than the entire task at hand. Using the square footage price rather than the entire cost has a number of advantages, such as determining how large your barndo can be according to your budget.

You can also use the square footage cost to choose what type of floor plan you want to adopt, as well as other design elements such as the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces. Finding the cost of your Barndominium by square foot gives you an accurate estimate of how much everything will cost in the long run.

Traditional Houses Costs vs Barndominium Costs in Kentucky

On average, it costs around $80 to $135 per square foot to build a traditional house in Kentucky. This price includes the construction rather than the interior design, which you’ll need to pay extra for. If you want to add more premium design features to the exterior of your house you might find yourself paying even more than this.

In comparison, building a Barndominium is much less expensive than that of a traditional home. For every square foot of a barndo, you’ll be paying around $99 for the construction. Again, additional interior design features will require additional purchases.

As you can see, a traditional house can be cheaper than a Barndominium if you stick to the cheapest construction materials and labor possible. However, you’ll be able to get a much nicer and more modernized Barndominium for the same price as you would be able to get a cheap traditional house.

Many people want to build their own homes so that they can design their features and create their own ‘dream house’. A Barndominium allows you to do this thanks to the lower overall cost so that you have more money to spend on the interior. You might be surprised at how much is left in your budget to spend on luxury items rather than the necessities.

Kentucky Land Prices

No matter whether you were to build a traditional house or a Barndominium in Kentucky, you will need to purchase enough land to use for your home. Kentucky real estate values increased in 2020 to $3,920 per acre.

Taking the average size of a residential lot in the US into consideration, which is 8,600 square feet, you will only need one-fifth an acre to create this space. However, the size of your living space will increase this, as well as what you want to do with the rest of the land.

Rural areas often have much more significant vacant spaces than this to purchase, and Kentucky has plenty of land on offer which is larger than one-fifth of an acre.

Other Factors Affecting Kentucky Barndominium Prices

When budgeting to build your Barndominium in Kentucky, you also need to consider a few other factors. For starters, planning permission and zoning regulations need to be looked at. Some pieces of land will have strict rules concerning what you can and cannot build on them, and you might need to pay for the privilege.

Another factor to consider is the labor costs. Every builder will offer a different quote for your work and you should research each thoroughly before opting for the first builder you see. You must check their previous work as well as their reputation to ensure that you’re not losing money or getting the work done at poor quality.

The best thing to do is to get a quote from at least four different builders so that you can compare them and find the best value for money. You can also ask for previous customer testimonials to ensure that others have been happy with the builder’s work before you commit to anything.


You can build a Barndominium in Kentucky, and there are a number of reasons why you should opt for a barndo over a traditional house.

The price is lower for Barndominiums so that you can spend more on the little details to make your house a home.