Can You Build A Barndominium In Tennessee?

House-hunting can be difficult. But it is even more difficult when you have a vision of your dream home in your mind that you simply cannot budge.

Of course, it is possible to adapt an existing house to fit what you want, but often you will be left disappointed. Unfortunately, the only way to truly achieve your dream house is to create it yourself. 

But if house prices are expensive, the costs of building your own home are even more so. Building your own house is a massive project, and one that will require a lot of money and contacts if you want to achieve it.

For a lot of people, the costs of constructing your own traditional home from scratch are enough to put them off of doing it, which is why the housing market has opened up to a new sort of home. 

This new style of home is, of course, barndominiums, or barndos as they are often abbreviated to. These types of homes deviate from traditional houses as they are constructed using metal poles in the same way that a barn would be.

But the most attractive thing about this type of home to many people is how much cheaper they are to build than traditional homes. 

The rules and regulations regarding barndominiums differ from State to State. So what are the laws for Tennessee? Let’s take a look. 

Can you build a barndominium in Tennessee?

Yes, you can build a barndominium in Tennessee. So, if you live in this State and are struggling to find a way to achieve your dream home then a barndo could be a good route to choose. Barndos are perfectly legal in the State of Tennessee, and they are achievable at a much lower cost than the price of some real estate in this area. 

Tennessee is home to some of the most famous cities associated with music all over the world, including country music’s Nashville, and the place that Elvis chose to call home, Memphis. But as well as this, Tennessee is also home to a lot of land. It is one of the smaller States by landmass, but a lot of the land that this State does have is up for sale and relatively easy to purchase. 

Land in Tennessee also tends to be very inexpensive compared to some other areas in America. In fact, in one county in Tennessee you can get a 251,911 square foot plot for just $59,408. That’s less than 40 cents per square foot. So when you look at the price of land in Tennessee it is easy to see why building your own home might be more tempting than building one that is ready-made. 

But the advantages of building a barndominium stretch so much further than just that initial payment for the construction of your home. Barndominiums are constructed using steel, or some other type of insanely durable metal which ensures that your home will not experience any detrimental structural problems for years to come. The use of steel also protects your home from a lot of common problems that traditional houses experience, including dry rot and termites. 

So not only do barndominiums save you money in the short term, but they are also, perhaps, a better investment of your money. However, we’ve said that barndominiums are cheaper, but we haven’t taken a look at the specific costs of building a barndominium, so let’s do that. 

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in Tennessee?

It is very difficult to put together a specific cost of how much cash it will take to build a barndo in Tennessee. As anyone who has ever completed major building work will know, it is very easy for these costs to build up and for you to suddenly realize that your budget might not be totally correct. However, you can be reassured that it will always be cheaper to build a barndo than to build a traditional style of house. 

There are also lots of factors that will impact the overall cost of your Barndo, including the price of the land that you are building on, the area that you are in and the accessibility for builders to be able to do the job. However, if you are working to a much smaller budget then an easy way to cut the costs of building your barndo is to do the work yourself rather than paying a builder to do the work. 

For any building project, the costs are calculated per square foot. So the overall cost of building your barndo will be divided by the number of square feet that you are working with. However, it is important to remember that this number is only calculated for the basic construction work of your home. Any money spent to make your house feel like a home in terms of decoration and interior design will not be included in this price. 

Generally speaking, it will cost somewhere between $120-145 per square foot to build a traditional home in the State of Tennessee. In comparison, it will only cost approximately $102 per square foot to build a barndo in the same State. Of course, both figures do not include interior design, but it is easy to see how much cheaper it is to build a barndo than a traditional style of home. 

The costs of building a barndo in Tennessee are one of the lowest across the whole of America, with the added bonus that buying land in Tennessee is also relatively cheap. So if you want to create your dream home but simply don’t have the budget for a traditionally built house, then a barndo could be a wonderful option. 


In short, yes, you can build a barndominium in Tennessee. In fact, Tennessee is one of the cheapest areas to build a barndo across the whole of the United States.

So, if you want to build a barndominium then Tennessee is a great place to consider setting up your home.