Are Barndominiums Safe?

One of the most often asked questions about barndominiums is whether they are safe. We get it. It does certainly seem too good to be true and people are often left wondering whether these metal structures can be as safe as a regular brick and mortar home. However, this doesn’t need to be a concern.

Barndominiums are gaining popularity all over the United States, and as such, the safety concerns that you have needn’t be a worry! In this article, we are going to be taking you through some of the most commonly asked questions about barndominiums and their safety. 

Are Barndominiums Safe?

Yes, we are happy to report and assure you immediately that barndominiums are safe.

They are built under strict safety measures (provided you use a professional builder or follow the guidelines yourself) and are designed to be safe enough to live in, or at least used for a portion of the year if you are using a barndominium as a holiday home. 

Like any liveable structure, the building of barndominiums has to follow safety procedures to make sure the structure will not collapse, that it can withstand adverse weather conditions and that it can last for a long time. 

As such, it is thought that barndominiums can last anywhere from 50 years to more than a century, depending on the material used for the build and how well they have been looked after. 

How Safe Are Barndominiums?

We know the answer to “are barndominiums safe,” but now we need to find out how safe a barndominium can be. Barndominiums are built purposely to be stable, secure structures. They are not going to collapse with the slightest gust of wind. In fact, they will be able to withstand most adverse weather conditions.

As well as this, a barndominium can also provide a secure family home for your loved ones in the sense that you will be able to use it as you would use a regular home with locked doors and windows if needed. This means that it is also safe from external threats such as burglars, pests, and animals. 

barndominiums safe

With this in mind, it seems that a barndominium can be as safe as a regular house. Some people may argue that they are even safer thanks to all of the extra protection many of them are built with to protect against tornados, hurricanes, and other adverse weather conditions. 

Are Barndominiums Safe in Storms?

Yes, barndominiums can certainly be safe in storms, provided that they are built with the necessary safety features needed to resist high winds and are guaranteed to be protected from lightning. 

It may seem a little strange that barndominiums are thought to be this safe in adverse weather conditions and storms, especially since they are typically made from steel. 

You would be forgiven for thinking the opposite since metal is a conductor of electricity – I mean who wants to be in a metal house when lightning strikes? Not us! However, barndominiums are made from steel which just so happens to be one of the safest materials to shelter from a lightning storm since it does not attract lightning.

It is actually a much lower conductor of electricity than all other types of metal. With this in mind, your steel barndominium may well be even safer than a regular house if you are caught in a storm or when lightning strikes.

barndominiums safe

As well as this, you can build them to protect you from rain, water build-up, and floods, so the heavy downpours that often accompany a storm will be a piece of cake for your barndominium. 

Is a Barndominium Safer Than a House?

Yes, in many ways you may well find that a barndominium is safer than a house. This is because they are often built to offer better protection from rain, high winds, storms, lightning, and pests.

The materials used to build them (often steel or wood) are sturdy, hardy, and proven to protect against things that threaten your safety. 

Of course, this does depend a lot on who builds the barndominium and whether safety rules and regulations have been abided by during the build. That being said, if all safety regulations are followed then you can rest assured that your barndominium will be as safe as a regular house, and perhaps even safer. 

It is worth noting, however, that barndominiums are a relatively new type of home and that there is not much in the way of long-term studies to see how they hold up over time.

It is currently thought that a barndominium can last anywhere between 50 years to over 100 years. This means that they may not last as long as a regular house. 

As we have stated, barndominiums are relatively new in comparison to regular houses, and so we may well find in the future that they can last even longer than is currently thought.  

Are Barndominiums Safe in a Tornado or Hurricane?

Yes! We are pleased to report that your barndominium is likely to be safe in a tornado or hurricane. Of course, we want to make it clear that this will depend on the standard to which your barndominium has been built.

However, provided the correct safety procedures, rules, and regulations have been followed, you can rest assured that your barndominium will be a sturdy and secure structure that can withstand the heavy winds and other adverse weather conditions that can accompany a tornado or hurricane. 

The structural integrity of your home must be going to be powerful enough to secure you against hurricanes and tornadoes, particularly if you live in a state where tornadoes and hurricanes are common.

Luckily, the sturdy metal construction of barndominiums offers the best possible protection against these natural disasters, and so you can be assured that, even if you live in a tornado-prone state such as Kansas or Missouri, you will still be protected in your barndominium. 


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