Can You Build a Barndominium in North Dakota?

North Dakota is one the least populated and also least visited states in the United States, however, residents of the state won’t mind this in the slightest as they gleefully get to enjoy the scenic surrounding of the midwestern state all to themselves.

The flickertail state gets to experience all four seasons, making it extremely popular with farmers and agricultural workers. The median home cost is below the US average, so it’s an ideal state to purchase land or property.

If you live in North Dakota or you’re looking to move there but you’re bored of cookie-cutter homes that all look the same, then you may want to consider building your own barndominium so you can design it and build it to suit your family and your lifestyle.

The ins and outs of building a barndominium can be confusing, so we’ve created this article to answer all your questions so you can build your dream home in the state of North Dakota.

So, can you build a barndominium in North Dakota?

Yes, the state of North Dakota allows residents to build barndominiums whether that be for business purposes or to live. Planning permission requirements throughout the state may differ depending on where you’re planning on building, so you’ll need to check with the local county to see what the regulations are where you live.

You’ll need to already own or be in the process of buying some land to build your barndominium upon and be sure that the regulations in your area allow you to build this sort of construction. You’ll have more freedom building your barndominium within rural areas of the state, but local counties may be stricter with the size and design of your barndo in populated cities and towns.

You may not be able to demolish your current house and build a barndominium in its place due to the new construction not fitting in with the local architecture of the area.

What are the advantages of building a barndominium in North Dakota?

North Dakota boasts some beautiful scenic landscape with rolling green hills and the rocky terrain of the badlands that entices people to want to merge the incredible outdoors into their homes for indoor/outdoor living.

The farm-style aesthetic of a barndominium will suit the surrounding landscape of North Dakota and you’ll enjoy having the local environment right outside your front door or even to enjoy from the comfort of your porch.

This is a very desirable style of home, especially in the more rural areas of North Dakota and if you ever plan on selling on or renting out your home then you could receive a considerable amount for building in such an idyllic location.

Not only is the initial cost of building a barndominium a lot more affordable, but living in a more rural area in an energy-efficient home may lead you to paying less in taxes,

Building a barndominium is a lot cheaper than building or buying a conventional home in North Dakota, especially if you’re careful with where you source your materials from and how you project manage the build.

You’ll also save a lot of time when building a barndo in comparison to a conventional home, making the job more cost-effective as you can spend the remaining budget on furnishing the interior of your new home just how you like it.

Building a barndominium from the ground up will give you more flexibility in space management as you’ll be able to install however many rooms you want, giving the option to have a more open plan living area to recreate a traditional barn space, or have numerous enclosed rooms to feel more like a conventional home.

You’ll also be able to add roof extensions, porches, and even additional barndominiums for business purposes to your designs to truly make great use of the space, although, you’ll need to make sure all your designs and blueprints have been authorized through planning permission.

As North Dakota experiences all four seasons, a barndominium will be perfect for controlling the internal temperature inside the structure and overall be more cost-effective when it comes to your utility bills.

Most barndominium constructions nowadays are built to be very energy-efficient, with high-quality windows that will help keep the cold temperatures of North Dakota winters out and also keep the interior of your home cool within the heights of summer without blasting the air conditioning.

Barndominiums are very strong and durable due to their steel construction so can withstand strong winds and even turbulent tornadoes. Whilst North Dakota is not one of the worst-hit areas when it comes to tornadoes, research does show that tornadoes are becoming more common in the north of the US with some scientists including the state within Tornado Alley.

You may not experience a tornado in your area, but it’s always good to know that you and your home will be safe if one does hit.

How much does it cost to build a barndominium in North Dakota?

If you’re looking to build a barndominium in North Dakota, you could be looking at paying anywhere between $95 and $125 per square foot for a full build, however, this may differ depending on which region you live in.

So let’s say you plan to build a decent-sized barndominium that is around 3,000 square feet, you could be looking at paying anything above $285,000 for the initial build of your construction. This does not take into account the cost of installation of plumbing and electricity into the building.

Before building your home, you’ll want to gather quotes from surrounding contractors to make sure you’ve got the budget to cover the size of the barndominium you want. Like any home, the bigger the size, the more expensive it will be to build and also live in.

You’ll be able to save money by sourcing materials carefully such as using second-hand materials or searching around for cheaper alternatives. If you’ve got the skills to help out with the construction yourself then you could also see yourself save money on labor costs.