Can you build a Barndominium in Arizona?

It’s good news! Yes, you can build a barndominium in Arizona! Building your own home. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences anybody can do. You have the opportunity to create your dream home, exactly how you have always dreamed it should be. That’s right. Your dreams can come true in Arizona.

Of course, the cost and effort that goes into building your own home can be extremely overwhelming. That is unless you build a barndominium. This can be an accessible project for so many people in Arizona. You can open up new possibilities with a barndominium that may not be possible with a traditionally built home. There are rules and regulations around building these steel structures so let’s take a look at the guidelines in Arizona.

You need to carefully consider different builders for constructing your new barndominium. The construction business is extremely vast and varied and knowing what to look for in a builder can be difficult. However, finding the right one will make sure your project is done to the best possible standards and the process is as enjoyable as it should be.

Research a builder’s experience. Not all construction companies in Arizona have built these kinds of structures before so finding a builder who has worked with metal pole barns before is recommended. Also, consider a builder’s reputation with their previous clients. The construction of your home is very personal so you need someone who understands your vision and requirements. Finding a builder who has a history of great relationships with clients is a sure-fire way of making your building project go smoothly.

There are actually many companies that specialize in barndominiums throughout Arizona. These include Steel Building Systems and Desperado Steel

Steel Building Solutions has nearly 30 years of experience building residential steel buildings in Arizona. They understand the regulations involved in Arizona and have a wide knowledge of the region and the people’s needs.

Desperado Steel offers custom-made metal constructions for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s for commercial or residential, this company will help you build exactly what you want. With most of their clients coming from referrals, you can be assured that they have an excellent reputation behind them.

Before you start building your barndominium in Arizona, you will need to find a plot of land. Finding an appropriate piece of land is one of the most important and exciting steps of the journey. You need to ensure that the piece of land is zoned for residential use. Not all land in Arizona is available for building barndominiums. If you choose land that is not zoned for such use, you could face huge consequences and end up in trouble. Also, make sure that the land is accessible to all the utilities you need such as water and power.

A barndominium’s structural foundation is the same as any custom house in the southwest.  They can have a slab, crawl space, or a basement foundation. They can be framed in a variety of ways with any roofing materials allowed. You can use any exterior option for your desired look of the barndominium while interior walls can be designed with a variety of textures that are common in traditional homes.

Building your very own barndominium in Arizona requires organization and dedication. But with all the benefits that come with these builds, such as the lower costs, you will end up with a unique and wonderful home.

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in Arizona?

There is no doubt that building a barndominium is more affordable than a traditional home build. As with any construction, it is important to understand how to effectively plan your costs when budgeting for your new home.

Most homes are budgeted out by square foot. This is the best method as it allows you to find out how big of a house you can afford and helps lay down certain plans for when you have to draw up your home’s blueprints and the floor plan. Overall, budgeting by square foot will help you understand where your money is going.

The average cost of a traditionally built home in Arizona is approximately $150 per square foot. This is just for the initial construction of the build. This cost does not include factors such as appliances, electronics, plumbing, or bathroom vanities which you will need to add once the house is fully built. Knowing this ballpark sum can help dictate how big your home can be and what you can add to it once it is built. 

When it comes to barndominiums in Arizona, the price is more like $114 per square foot. A lot cheaper, right? Well, it may not seem like a huge difference but remember that most homes are around 2,000 square feet in size. This $35 per square foot saving will add up over time where you could see yourself saving over $70,000. This extra money can go on other household items such as your dream kitchen and custom decorations. It really offers you the chance to build the dream home you have always wanted.

You may be able to get financial help in Arizona from certain sources. These include:

  • Western Banks
  • Farm Plus Financial

Western Banks has much experience in agricultural banking and may be able to finance you with your barndominium project in Arizona. This bank is located in Devil’s Lake and is deeply connected to the community while being dedicated to the people of Arizona who need help in making their dreams come alive.

Farm Plus Financial is a very popular lender of ranch loans and farm loans throughout Arizona. With a rich history in financing various projects, they could be an excellent choice for getting your barndominium up and running. 

In Summary

Building your barndominium in Arizona is building your dream. With the right builders, enough financial help, and research, you could start your barndominium journey very soon. 

We hope this has helped you find out a bit more about what it takes to build your custom home in Arizona and that it has helped guide you to make this a possibility.