Can you build a Barndominium in Connecticut?

Yes, you can build a Barndominium in Connecticut! 

In fact, it is believed that Barndominiums actually began in Connecticut. This was apparent in a New York Times article in 1989 that showcased real estate developer Karl Nilsen’s newest creation. It was his goal to create a type of community that encompassed both barns and homes in one building. 

Nilsen’s concept became a popular home option in the southern states due to the rise of agriculture and barn animals. Texans who owned horses found it time-consuming to have to travel back and forth to their barn or stable to take care of their horses. Instead, they killed two birds with one stone by building Barndominiums that connected a stable to their home. 

As Barndominiums are believed to have started in Connecticut, it only makes sense to continue the tradition. 

Connecticut isn’t too expensive to buy a house in, but it’s not exactly a cheap state either. The biggest advantage of Barndominiums is their affordability. Buying a house can be an expensive process when it comes to renovating the house into your desired design. With Barndominiums, however, the design is pretty much entirely customizable. 

Due to the steel pole and metal structure, Barndominiums are basically already built for you. This building time and costs of Barndos is inexpensive and fast, which means you can have your very own customized home within 6 months. The price of the building will all depend on the square footage of the Barndominium and where you choose to live. 

Barndominiums are hardy and durable buildings that work exceptionally well in hot and dry states. The steel pole and metal structure mean that the building is resistant to rust and mold from snow and rain, and works to keep the interior cool in the dry and hot months. Also, these homes can be pretty huge, which is ideal for providing an open and well-ventilated home in both winter and summer. 

People who own shops and animals love Barndominiums due to their expansive area of space and convenience. You could have half of the ground floor for your business, or the rear end of the building could have a stable extension for your horses. If you need an office space, Barndominiums can essentially work as small workshops or warehouses as well as a home. 

The main things you will have to focus on are finding a suitable plot of land and finding the right builder. There are lots of building companies worth hiring, but your top priority should be to find a reputable builder who has experience in metal and steel pole frames. The beauty of DIY means that you can also get stuck in to make your own fittings and adjustments to your home, which will also cut the costs significantly. 

In short, you can absolutely build a Barndominium in Connecticut. After all, Connecticut is where Barndos became known to the country! You just need to find a suitable plot of land, a reputable builder, and the ideal place for you and your family to live. 

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in Connecticut? 

It’s not clear what the average figure of building a Barndominium is in Connecticut, but we can estimate that it ranges from $150,000 to $300,000 depending on the size and location. As the average house price in Connecticut is $350,000, it is clear that Barndominiums are the most cost-effective way to build a home. 

The reason why Barndominiums are so affordable is because of the frame. Made of either metal, steel poles, or wood, these buildings come with a frame that cuts the building time in half. Of course, there is only so much customization one can do depending on the size and shape of the frame, but this is mostly adjustable to each person’s liking. 

The total cost of a Barndominium covers the price of the builder, the permit, the construction loan, the fittings, and other costs. All of the costs depend on the square footage of the property. 

The land you should choose to buy needs to be leveled (which can cost several thousand dollars) and close to other residential homes. This is so the Barndominium has access to utilities like plumbing and electricity. Then, you need to consider the square footage of the building. 

The square footage will determine how expensive the Barndo will be. A Barndominium can cost anywhere between $20 to $140 per square foot, which means that the larger the property, the more it will cost. This will cover the cost of the roof, walls, floor, electricity, plumbing, and everything else in between. 

You will need to hire a reputable builder who has experience in building houses with metal and steel pole frames. Wooden framed Barndominiums are popular for their attractive features, but these are less resistant to rust from snow and rain than metal and steel. You can also cut the costs by completing some fittings by yourself. 

Depending on each state, you will have to apply for a permit to build on a plot of land and a construction loan. The construction loan is a Barndominium’s version of a mortgage, where you pay 20% of the total loan cost at the beginning of building. This loan will last a year, and if it hasn’t been paid off, then it converts to a regular mortgage. 

You will have to meet some requirements to apply for a construction loan. This will include proof that you have plans to pay the loan back, a credit score rating of at least 680, and less than 45% of your income should be spent on debts. 

To conclude, building a Barndominium in Connecticut is a much more cost-effective way of owning a home than it is to buy a regular home, which can be fairly costly in Connecticut. The cost of the Barndo will depend on the square footage of the property, as the largest Barndos can cost near $300,000. Still, even the largest Barndominiums are much less expensive than a regular house in Connecticut!