Can You Build A Barndominium In Georgia?

Barndominiums are most popularly found in Texas, where it can be said they originate from, and they are commonly found within the states along tornado alley. But that doesn’t mean that barndominiums are exclusive to those places, as you could potentially build one anywhere you want! 

So what if you want to build a Barndominium in Georgia? Can you do that? And how would you go about it? 

Each state has its own regulations about different types of buildings, including barndominiums, but it is completely legal to construct a barndominium in Georgia.

The challenge is that building a barndominium in Georgia isn’t the easiest of projects, as there aren’t as many facilities to do as such compared to other states. However, it is completely possible, and having your very own barndominium in Georgia can provide you with many benefits, and will overall be a great choice of home! 

But before we get into more details...why would you want to build a barndominium in Georgia, instead of a normal home? 

Here are some of the benefits: 

  • They have a unique and distinctive appearance that is very appealing
  • Barndominiums are incredibly tough and sturdy, and they can safely withstand more severe weather conditions. In fact, they are safer than a normal home when it comes to things such as a tornado, and Georgia has its fair share of those so this type of home is a great idea! 
  • The metal structure and siding is super easy to maintain and to keep clean, so keeping the barndominium in top condition is a breeze 
  • Barndominiums are a lot cheaper to build than normal homes, and a lot faster to be built as well! 
  • They have a lot of room for personalization, modifications, and additions. And as they are cheaper, you will likely have enough budget to make your barndominium as unique as you want!

So basically, having a barndominium is a great idea, and well worth whatever effort it takes! 

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in Georgia? 

Now let’s move on to a pretty important question, one that might completely determine whether you can contemplate actually getting yourself a barndominium or not...the cost. How much does it cost to build a barndominium, specifically in Georgia? 

Well, the cost of a barndominium in Georgia is a lot cheaper than the cost of a normal house. This is mainly because barndominiums can be built from prefabricated kits, or from an existing structure that has been repurposed, and this significantly cuts down on both material and labor costs, making it overall cheaper and faster to construct. Of course, the price will also depend on how big you want your barndominium to be, and whether you’re adding any modifications or touches to it. 

On average, the cost of a barndominium is between $70 and $110 per square foot, while a standard home would be between $100 and $160 per square foot. So a barndominium is way more affordable! 

However, these prices are just an average estimate. The actual cost of building your barndominium will largely depend on the builder or construction company that you hire to do the job unless you are doing it yourself (but in that case we’re going to assume that you’re an experienced professional!) 

Different builders will have different price ranges and rates, so it’s all about finding one within your budget while guaranteeing that they will provide the necessary experience and skillset to provide a reliable and high-quality service. 

To lessen the cost, and the time, of the construction, you can also try and find a barndominium kit provider, so that you have the pre-fabricated structure ready to go. And luckily, there are a few of these providers in Georgia, so it’s perfectly accessible to build a barndominium with ease! These kits will often come with everything you need for a barndominium, from the pre-fabricated structure to raw materials to extra bits and pieces. Then you just need a builder to put it all together! 

The last thing you need to take into consideration, when planning to build your barndominium, is the location! If you’re building one from scratch you’re going to need a plot of land that is adequate, and there are several things you need to check before you can begin construction: 

  • Make sure the land is apt for residential construction, as the barndominium will count as a home
  • Double check the location’s regulations and county laws, to make sure that you are allowed to build a barndominium there! You will often need some form of an official approval before construction can begin
  • Is it a good plot of land? Ideally, it should be as flat as possible, so that the cement slab foundation can be easily placed down, and the structure on top of that
  • Take into account the cost! A plot of land isn’t free (unless you somehow already own one or are gifted one), so you need to add the cost of the land purchase to the cost of the barndominium construction. You might also have to take out separate loans for each one, as purchasing the land and building the home are two different endeavours (Even though they go hand in hand) 

Will banks finance a barndominium? 

As a general rule getting your bank to finance the construction of a barndominium should not be a problem whatsoever.

However, this depends on each bank, and of the circumstances of your personal finance, along with other factors that might affect the bank’s final decision. 

But on average, barndominiums can easily be financed as if they are a conventional residential home, instead of as a metal structure or barn. This way, you will have a higher chance of getting financed, as it is for living purposes.