Can You Build a Barndominium in New York?

If you live in the state of New York, then you may have noticed a recent switch in the buyer’s market, which has seen fewer people buying conventional homes or building their homes and instead, deciding to build a barndominium on land they have bought. The further through the state you move towards NYC, the more expensive the houses and it becomes unrealistic to find something to your liking within your budget.

Building a barndominium will enable you to have the freedom to design it just how you would like it and make full use of the land you have bought, which is the fraction of the price of buying a newly built conventional home.

We’ll be answering the question ‘can you build a barndominium in New York?’ and also any follow-up questions you may have surrounding the topic.

So, can you build a barndominium in New York?

Yes, if it wasn’t already obvious, you can build a barndominium in the state of New York, however, the chance of you finding an affordable piece of land anywhere NYC is not probable and you’re best looking further out of the city towards other regions of the state from Poughkeepsie out to Buffalo.

If you’ve always dreamed of building your own home but the construction costs of building a conventional home have put your dream on the back burner then building a barndominium is another great alternative and is a lot cheaper.

What are the advantages of building a barndominium in New York?

One of the main advantages of building a barndominium is that it gives you the freedom to design your home just like you want, or if you’re planning on restructuring an existing barndominium then you can change the floor plan to suit your lifestyle and needs.

If you’re converting an existing barndominium then you can repurpose some of the materials for the alterations you’re making to the design to save some extra money as many of the materials can be dismantled and used again, something that is a lot more difficult if you’re going to renovate a conventional home.

Another reason to build a barndominium instead of buying or building a conventional home is that you’ll save a lot of money. Whilst it’s still not considered inexpensive to build your barndominium, it is a lot more affordable in comparison to buying a new home.

The cost of labor to construct the design is a lot more affordable as it shouldn’t take as long as building a conventional home. In fact, you can have a barndominium built from the ground upwards within a matter of weeks and moved in within a couple of months - that’s if you project manage the build efficiently.

The materials needed to build a barndominium are also a lot less expensive than what they would be if you were building a conventional home. Many people deter from building custom homes because they think it’s too far out of their price range, but barndominium builds make that possible.

If you have your own business in New York, then you can build your barndominium to be dual-purpose, so you can allocate some of the space to create a home office, a workshop, or even a small shop right next to your home. Many farmers choose to build a barndominium near the land where their animals reside and build in the animal’s quarters underneath or attached to their barndominium home.

With the cost of living rising all over the US, building a barndominium can be a cost-effective choice if you want the same money on your annual household bills. Most barndominium contractors will use special insulation when building a design, so you save money on heating and cooling your space.

How much does it cost to build a barndominium in New York?

The cost of building a barndominium will differ from what region of New York you’re looking to build in, what kind of design barndominium you’re going for, and also how long the project is going to take. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of buying land if you don’t already own some, or if you’re going to demolish an existing building to build on the space then there will be costs to hire someone to do that.

The cost of building a barndominium in New York is around $135 per square foot with most designs being at least 2000 square feet. So you’re looking at an average of about $270,000 to get your design built. Whilst this may seem a lot for a home that can be dismantled, it is a fraction of the cost of building a conventional home. This cost does not cover the cost of appliances, electronics, and furniture inside your home, so you’ll need to factor those costs into your budget when planning to build your barndominium.

Most traditional barndominiums are normally only 1 story designs, however, you can get a 2 story barndominium but the building costs will be higher and it’ll demand more time and money for the contractors who are building it.

If you’re considering building a barndominium in New York, then you should try and get quotes from construction contractors in your area and even outside the state who specialize in this sort of construction.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a barndominium in New York?

It is cheaper to build a barndominium than buying an existing barndominium in New York, especially if you have a very specific design that you want.

Many barndominium sellers will have spent lots of money building their spaces to their exact specifications and will probably want to make a profit for the time and money they spend, therefore the costs will be higher. However, this does not guarantee that everything in the space will be exactly how you like it and you may have to spend further money redesigning.

Building your own barndominium is cheaper because you can design it exactly how you want it from the initial stages and you’ll be able to source the materials yourself to make it as affordable as possible.