Can You Build a Barndominium in Michigan?

A Barndominium often referred to as a Barndo, is a steel construct that resembles the appearance of a barn, as implied by the term ‘Barndo’. As the concept of a Barndominium has evolved so has its popularity and many individuals are now taking it upon themselves to convert the space into a luxurious living area.

Though Barndominiums have Texan roots, they are now gaining popularity in many other US states, and more people are now building their own Barndominium as they have the opportunity to customize the space so it looks exactly how they envisioned it. 

In response to the question, yes it is possible to build a Barndominium in Michigan, however, it must be done according to the area's zoning regulations and with the correct permits.

As metal structures, they have different types of zoning laws in comparison to conventional housing as they often serve more than one purpose; some choose to use them for both business and living purposes. Because of this, you must check the regulations for the area that you intend to build in to ensure that it is legal. If you are going to build your Barndominium in a residential area, you will need to provide proof that it will be occupied for living purposes rather than business use.

Before any sort of building commences, you will need to check what, if any, permits are required. You must also make sure that you choose to build your Barndominium on an area of solid ground, anything less will struggle to support the weight of it.

In regards to the structure of a Michigan Barndominium, the foundations are the same as all other types of customized houses. They can also be framed as you would like, providing you with total control to create a building that is unique to you. Again, you have control over what material is used to finish your roof, the exterior surface, and also the interior.

When you are in the process of building your Barndominium planning will prove to be essential. It is important to source a dependable Michigan builder who will be able to complete the project to a high standard. Some builders will have bundles of knowledge and experience of building conventional houses but are unfamiliar with building a Barndominium.

So what are the benefits of building your Barndominium in Michigan? Well, regardless of where you decide to build your Barndo there are many benefits. First and foremost, they take much less time to build than normal houses and they also offer plenty of space. Aside from this, Barndos are very energy efficient and are also considered to be fairly easy to maintain.

In summary, you can build a Barndominium in Michigan so long as you adhere to the specific regulations of the area that you would like to build it in, otherwise, it will be deemed illegal.

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in Michigan?

Several factors will influence the total cost of building a Barndominium in Michigan. On the whole, they offer a cheaper alternative to traditional housing due to the materials that they are constructed from and how easy they can be to put together.

Whilst a home in Michigan is thought to cost around $90 to $150 to build per square foot, the cost of building a Barndominium is likely to come in cheaper at approximately $105 per square foot. As you can see, you could be saving a fair amount of money by building a Barndominium because the overall expense isn’t likely to cost as much as conventional housing.

The cost will also depend on whether you intend to build your Barndominium using a prefabricated kit, or whether you intend to use the help of a professional contractor to build it for you instead. For many, a kit offers greater convenience as you are provided with all of the materials that you require and you will simply have to put the parts together following the guidance provided.

You can also invest in a customized kit that completely suits your desired vision. Many kits cost as little as $20 per square foot. As expected, a contractor can cost you around $100 more because you are putting someone else in charge of completing the job for you so this will ultimately be reflected in the prices that they charge.

Before any building work can begin you will need to invest in the land that you are going to build it on. You cannot just purchase any area of land solely based on affordability because as mentioned before, you will need to check the zoning regulations beforehand.

Of course, your Barndominium will require access to a power source and appropriate plumbing so you will need to make sure that the land that you select caters to this. In some instances, you may need to take out a loan from a Michigan bank to cover the cost of purchasing the land and any other expenses. Choosing a reputable bank will ensure that your needs are met with the loan that you are provided with.

You must also remember that DIY kits only come with metal sheets that will create the external structure of the building and will not include any interior features. When choosing a contractor you should ensure that the cost that you are given reflects the construction of the external frame as well as the interior materials too.

You should also account for the cost of customizing your Barndominium when planning your budget. This is because whilst some people may seek cheaper options when it comes to interior decor, others may choose to spend a little more, so accommodating this in your budget will prove hugely beneficial.

Those who do not have lots of disposable income on hand are likely to require financing to build their dream Michigan Barndominium and there are many options available, just make sure that any loans that you take out cater to the demands of your project.