Can You Build a Barndominium in North Carolina?

So, you want to join the trend of building affordable housing in the form of a barndominium? We don’t blame you! These steel-framed buildings can function as a house, a shed, or a barn. You could even use one as all three! The question is, can you build your dream barndominium in North Carolina?

Yes, you can! North Carolina allows you to build a barndominium as long as you follow state and county regulations for the construction’s foundation and the building itself. The rules and regulations are very similar to building a traditional home in North Carolina. They require footers, linings, and load-bearing walls. The structure can be built on a slab, a crawl space, or a basement foundation.

The conventional 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 studs and standard ⅜ plywood are required in North Carolina. The red iron framing wood or metal studs should be used to build the high ceilings and large rooms that are a stand-out feature in barndominium builds.

There are a range of factors to consider before you start your barndominium construction. Firstly, you must check your area’s zoning regulations. Every county and state have their own zoning ordinances. Various local areas may have guidelines about the appearance of homes, sheds, or barns when being built. There are also different building use requirements if the area is zoned residential. This will greatly affect your build as it determines the size and appearance of your barndominium.

Your contractor should check the zoning laws in your area as some regions do not allow metal buildings as a place of residence. If you wish to check these zoning ordinances yourself, you can do so:

  • Via the internet
  • By contacting your area’s government representative
  • By talking to a contractor who has experience in building barndominiums in North Carolina
  • By going to your local government center
  • Checking your city’s website for local ordinance information

You should talk to your local county official about these guidelines that you need to follow. This is so you do not break any laws and possibly slow down or put a halt to your barndominium’s construction.

Just like building a traditional home in North Carolina, you will need to get a building permit. Make sure the construction company that is building your home has a building permit. If a contractor says this is not necessary, you shouldn’t trust them. Not having a building permit can create dire consequences later down the road.

Your construction plans will have to be presented to the right government official for inspection and approval before any building permit is issued. The construction plan will need to include the height and width of the building, its square footage, its wind loads, electrical and plumbing requirements, and the full layout by the architect.

You will need to find a suitable plot of land before building too. Fortunately, North Carolina has many rural areas that could be perfect for building a barndominium. This process can be the most exciting part of your journey but make sure you follow all of the regulations when doing so.

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in North Carolina?

Building a barndominium can be considerably cheaper than a traditional house build. Whatever type of house you build, it is by no means cheap but a barndominium can make your dream become far more accessible.

A barndominium kit can cost anything from $5K to $70K. This ultimately depends on the square footage and style of the construction.

When budgeting out the cost of a home build, it is usually figured out by the square foot. This method is best as it allows the designer to make possible changes depending on the size and its relation to the budget. By knowing what square footage you will need, you can budget your finances more effectively. The good news is that because barndominiums are less expensive than traditional homes, you can usually get more house for your money.

A barndominium can cost from approximately $40 per square foot to around $125 per square foot. If you decide to choose high-end options such as custom-made cabinets and granite countertops, the overall construction costs will be significantly driven up.

Compare this to the traditional cost of a house in North Carolina which is between $120 and $140 per square foot. This is just for a basic construction without any extras such as paint or custom cabinetry.

With this cost difference between a barndominium and a regular house build, you should have more cash left over for some custom extras like your dream kitchen and different lighting equipment. This leftover funding is one of the main reasons why building a barndominium in North Carolina is a great option.

NC Barndominium’s is a construction company based in North Carolina. They offer a 40 x 60 x 16 risk 2 certification with a walk-in door (12/12 or 10 x 10) with 4 windows for $49K. This includes tax and installation. Solar panels and custom-made interiors are also offered by this company specializing in barndominiums.

You will need to finance your barndominium project sufficiently. Fortunately, it is quite easy to get financing in North Carolina to fund your dream construction. The financing options are similar to what you would receive for a traditional-style home. You will need to get a residential fixed-rate mortgage and provide your lender with a full copy of your floor plan as well as its elevation height because of possible restrictions.

Altogether, you will need to provide information about your debts and assets, up-to-date information about your credit, and answer all questions about your financial situation and history.

In Summary

Barndominiums continue to grow in popularity across the United States. With their lower construction and maintenance costs, they are a great option for those with smaller budgets.

Of course, there are pros and cons with barndominiums as there are with any housing trend so be sure to consider all of these before you go ahead with your build.