Can You Build a Barndominium in South Carolina?

Yes, you can build a Barndominium in South Carolina!

South Carolina is an ideal environment for a Barndominium. Barndominiums, or Barndos for short, are designed for humid southern states. This is because they are made of a metal and steel pole frame that is resistant to water and humidity from rain and snow, which means they won’t rust and the maintenance is very easy. 

Barndominiums are a combination of a - you guessed it - condominium and a barn. They became popular in southern states like Texas, as horse owners found it tiring having to travel back and forth to their stable to check their animals. Instead, they killed two birds with one stone by building a stable linked to their home. The appearance of these homes is modern yet matches a rural landscape, which is ideal if you live in the countryside of South Carolina.

The main advantage of Barndominiums is their affordability. South Carolina isn’t an expensive place to live, so you’re likely to be spending a little less on a Barndo than you would a regular house. However, the benefit is that you can customize your Barndo however you like depending on the size of the property. Remember that the money of a regular home will not count for renovations which can be costly. Barndos don’t require renovation once they are built, because you’re building it mostly from scratch.

Whether you’re an experienced homeowner or a first homeowner, Barndominiums are very easy and quick to build. They will only take a few months to be completed and the process is fairly straightforward due to the handy frame. Your priority is to find a builder that is both reputable and experienced in building with metal and steel pole frames.

Wooden frames are a popular choice for the aesthetics of Barndos, but remember that wood is less resistant to rust than steel and metal. In humid climates like South Carolina, the maintenance of your house should be a top priority. Metal sliding is very easy to clean compared to brick or wood, which will only save you money in the future.

Not everyone who wants a Barndo will use it for home purposes. If you have livestock such as horses or other barn animals, you can add their stable or barn onto your home, which will cut the costs of renting a stable and traveling back and forth to it. Also, if you own a shop or small business, you can convert part of the ground floor into a store or office area. There’s an abundance of ways to utilize Barndominiums, which cannot always be said for regular homes.

If you’re considering building a Barndo in South Carolina, you must first consider the land on which you want your property. The land must be large enough for the square footage of the building, plus it must be near other residences so you have access to utilities like plumbing and electricity. You must also consider the building company you want, which must be a reputable one that will make the experience smooth.

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in South Carolina?

South Carolina is an affordable state to live in, with most houses averaging around $165,800. Barndominiums can be much lower in price, as they tend to cost around $100,000 to $150,000.

It’s no secret that Barndominiums are a very affordable option. Think about all the expenses you will have to pay on renovating a regular South Carolina home, which will only amount to the figure you bought it for. The total cost of a Barndominium includes the renovations as you customize it to your liking as it’s built, which is much cheaper.

The cost of a Barndo is determined by the square footage of the property. As you would expect, the larger the Barndo, the more expensive it will be. On average, a Barndominium will cost around $100 to $120 per square foot. You must consider the size of your desired property to determine how much it will cost.

Another reason why Barndominiums are so affordable is because of their metal and steel pole frames. This frame is resistant to rust from water and snow, which is ideal in South Carolina’s humid climate. The metal sliding is also much easier to maintain than brick or wood, which cuts costs on cleaning and maintenance in the long run.

The first thing to consider when looking to build a Barndo is the plot of land. Fortunately, South Carolina is a rural state that offers an abundance of land options. You just have to consider where the land is, the size of it, and that it will have to be leveled. It’s best to find a location near other residences so you have access to utilities.

As South Carolina isn’t an urban state, you won’t have trouble getting a permit and building company to help you build your Barndo. You should find a reputable builder who has experience with building metal and steel pole frame structures. The permit can be fairly pricey, which will often make up around 18% of the total cost of the Barndo.

A Barndominium will not come with a regular mortgage like a typical South Carolina home. Instead, you will have to apply for a construction loan. This loan will last a year (or until the Barndo is built), which will then be converted into a mortgage if the loan hasn’t been paid.

The requirements you must meet for the construction loan will vary state to state, but generally speaking, you should have a minimum credit score of 680, you shouldn’t be paying more than 45% on debts, and you should have a plan of how to pay your loan back.

There are banks that specialize in rural areas, such as AgSouth Farm Credit and AgFirst Farm Credit Bank, which are ideal for helping you to find the best land and loan for your Barndo. These banks are highly reputable in the rural housing market.