Can you build a Barndominium in Texas?

Barndominiums are a popular occurrence in southern states, especially Texas. They are affordable, work well in hot and dry climates, and can look incredibly luxurious. There are hardly any downfalls to building a Barndominium in Texas. 

Barndominiums first became popular in Texas by people who owned horses. They found that traveling to their barn and back to their home several times a day was time-consuming and a waste of money, so they hopped onto the early trend of Barndominiums set by a real estate developer named Karl Nilsen in Connecticut around the late 80s. 

These buildings were both a time and money-saver for the horsemen and barn animal owners of Texas, because it meant that their animals were kept in the same area as their home. Older Barndominiums look like a stable attached directly to a barn that has been converted into a house. 

Texans hopped onto the trend of fashionable Barndominiums in the 2000s, where the houses became less about convenience for their horses and more about building an affordable and large home. Since then, they have become wildly popular amongst a variety of homeowners to create their own customizable forever home. 

One of the reasons why Barndominiums are so popular in Texas is because of the climate. The steel pole and metal frames are resistant to rust from snow and rain (when the weather is being temperamental) and help to provide a cool interior during the dry months. This makes the house very easy to maintain and clean. 

The aesthetic of a Barndominium has become wildly sought after by Southerners who want to blend the traditional barn appearance with a modern twist. The beauty of these houses is that they are almost entirely customizable, so you can liaise with builders to create the house of your dreams. 

Not everyone in Texas owns horses and barn animals (believe it or not), so it’s not necessary to extend the Barndominium into an additional stable for the animals. This is a great money-saver as it means you don’t have to buy a large plot of land, which can increase the cost of the build. 

The main advantage of Barndominiums is the affordability. Whilst homes in Texas are fairly affordable depending on where you live, not everyone is going to find their dream house immediately. They will spend money on renovations and fittings, which will increase the total cost of the house. Barndominiums, however, are almost entirely customizable, which means you only have to spend what you need to build a house that already has a frame. In the long run, this is a very affordable option. 

The only factors you have to consider are your budget, finding a plot of land, complying with zoning regulations, getting a building permit, and applying for a construction loan. Other than that, the process of building a Barndominium is quick compared to building a house from scratch due to the existing steel pole and metal frame. 

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in Texas?

Barndominiums can cost anywhere between $100,000 and $300,000 in Texas depending on the size of the building. This isn’t too dissimilar to buying a regular house in Texas, which can be as cheap as $115,000, but the added bonus is that you can customize and create your Barndominium however you want. 

The cost of a Barndominium is determined by the square footage of the building. As you can expect, the smallest Barndominiums (with a master bedroom, bedroom, bathroom, and open kitchen and living space) start at around $100,000. The largest Barndominiums (with too much space and too many rooms to note) will amount to around $300,000. The value for money with Barndominiums is brilliant, especially in an affordable state like Texas. 

The first thing to consider is finding a suitable plot of land that is in your desired location, amongst other residences, and is big enough for your chosen Barndominium size. It’s important to build your Barndominium amongst other residences as this will have access to utilities like electricity and plumbing, which would otherwise be hard to access in the most rural locations. 

The square footage of the plot and the desired living area will determine the price of the Barndominium. On average, people can expect to pay around $100 to $130 per square foot in Texas. The larger the square footage, the more money it will cost. This will cover the costs on the floor, roof, walls, insulation, and electricity, etc. 

Your main priority is to find a building company that is reputable and has experience working with metal and steel pole frames. Of course, you can cut the costs significantly by doing some of the fittings yourself, but for the best results that are long-lasting, you should look to hire a builder. 

Barndominiums do not come with a typical mortgage as with a regular Texas house. Instead, you will have to apply for a construction loan that usually lasts a year, or at least until the Barndominium has been built. If you haven’t been able to pay off that loan within a year, then the loan continues in a mortgage format. 

You will be expected to meet the requirements to apply for this loan. This includes a credit score rating of 680+, proof of how you intend to repay the loan, and spendings of less than 45% from your income on debts. As with a regular house, you will be expected to pay at least 20% of the total loan amount when applying for the loan. 

Other funding will include buying a permit to build (which can amount to 18% of the total cost) and extra furnishings, including fireplaces, high-end kitchens and bathrooms, premium-quality floors, and more. 

In short, it is very affordable to build a Barndominium in Texas. Texas is an affordable state, especially if you live in the country, which is why so many people have opted for building their own custom Barndominium to save more money. Instead of renovating a house that they have bought, you can make a cheaper forever home with a Barndominium.