Understanding the Pros and Cons of a Barndominium

Pros and Cons of a Barndominium

There are a lot of people who are interested in building their own barndominium. That might even be you. But before you take the plunge, it’s important to know and understand the pros and cons of a barndominium.

Pros and Cons of A Barndominium 

If you are curious, what exactly is a barndominium? They are barn-like homes that are structured from scratch or built with a barndominium building kit. Many find that barndominiums are more affordable than traditional homes and can be built quickly and easily, especially when using a barndominium kit under 50k.

Barndominiums can be made from a variety of materials, but they are most commonly made from metal or wood. Barndominiums are low maintenance and easy to care for, and they are also durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

However, you may find that Barndominiums can be difficult to finance, insure, and sell. Let’s dive into all the pros and cons of barndominiums. 

Pros of Building a Barndominium

Barndominiums are usually more affordable than traditional homes

Barndominiums can be built quickly and easily. They are low maintenance and easy to care for, which is very convenient and a huge plus when it comes to choosing to build a barndo. Barndominium mostly ranges between $70 to $95 a square foot, depending on the state it is being built in.

The cost to build a conventional home usually comes out to around $115 – $145 per square foot. This makes them more affordable and a great reason to build a barndominium. 

Barndominiums can be built quickly and easily.

The fact that barndominiums are built out of steel and framed quickly really does make an excellent option for a home. When looking for something that is fast and easily built, then a barndominium is an excellent choice.

Even better, you can purchase a  barndominium kit that can help you with your build. When using a barndominium kit, you can have all the supplies and materials shipped to your home. No more waiting on materials to be in stock. So for a home build, barndominiums can be a quick and easy option for building your next home.  

Barndominiums are durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

pros and cons of barndominium

Since barndominiums are built out of steel, they really make a secure home to live in when facing extreme weather conditions. From snow storms to hurricanes, barndominiums are a very durable option for a home. Also, most barndominiums have metal roofs. Metal roofs can withstand the weight of a heavy snowfall. Living in an area that expects heavy snowfall in the winter months should consider how a barndominium may be the best build for them.

Offering dual-purpose structures 

Many floor plans you will find when searching for the perfect plan for your home can and will most likely include an option to have a shop attached to your home. This will allow you to have a living area as well as a working area.

Barnesville Georgia Barndominium

If you plan on running a business on your property, having a 2-in-1 structure could make things run more smoothly and efficiently

More Storage Available

If you need more room to store equipment or even extra supplies for your business, then a barndominium will offer you the ability to have more room for storage for your personal needs. When you build your barndominium planning more storage is easier than a traditional home, especially if you opt for an open floor plan. 

Cons of Building a Barndominium

Barndominiums can be difficult to finance

These structures can be difficult to finance because they fall into a gray area between traditional homes and commercial properties. Remember that not all banks will finance a loan to build a barndominium. Having a selection of lenders to ask is the best option for getting your barndominium loan approved.

Barndominiums can be challenging to insure

While barndominiums are becoming more popular, they can be challenging to insure. Make sure you work with an agent who is familiar with this type of structure and knows how to get you the best rate.

Barndominiums require more preparation to heat and cool

Barndominiums typically have an open floor plan.  With an open floor plan, you can find it more difficult to heat and cool such a large area. A lot of prep goes into setting up the heating and cooling for a barndominium. You will want to make sure you do your research and have it all planned out before you secure your air unit. 

Barndominiums can be difficult to find contractors 

Finding a contractor to help you with your new build is difficult. Not only are they unfamiliar with the process, but many contractors will not know what it takes for this type of job- which makes finding one can be challenging. 

Some cities may not allow you to build a barndominium.

Barndominiums are not for everyone, meaning some cities have guidelines about what homes can be built within certain areas. So if you are considering building a barndominium, you may have to relocate if your city does not allow building permits to build your new barndominium. 

Building a barndomium in North Dakota


Barndominiums have many pros and cons. The pros making them appealing such as being more affordable than traditional homes, low maintenance, and easy to care for. However, there are also several cons to consider before making the decision to build a barndominium, such as the challenges with financing, selling, and cooling and heating the home.

If you’re considering building a Barndominium, consider the pros and cons carefully before making your final decision. There’s a lot to consider, but if you do your research and plan carefully, owning a barndominium can be a great experience. 

If you are ready to start building the barndo of your dreams, check out our barndominium floor plans to help you create the barndominium of your dreams or use a barndominium design software program to help you plan out your space for your new home. When in the planning stages, be sure you also check out the barndominium financing and insurance options that are available. For more helpful tips, visit our FAQ barndominium section to get answers to all your barndo questions.