Can You Build A Barndominium In Arkansas?

Everyone wants their dream home. Nothing sounds better than building your home from scratch, creating that home you would draw up as a kid and make blueprints of in your diary, hoping one day you would magically come across it on the market and live your best life.

Of course, we all saw this as a dream, but when it comes to building your custom dream house it is generally not a dream that everyone gets to achieve. However, with the alternative housing movement well under way, many people can make their dreams come, for much less effort and cost. How is this possible? One word… Barndominiums! 

If you live in Arkansas, and you are fed up with living in your old suburban home that just is not your dream home by a long shot, you can decide to build your very own Barndominium. This is a brilliant way for you to design and execute your dream house. This type of home is simple, and has more accessible construction that a majority of people can afford.

The low costs and easy to build mean that building your dream home is not just a feat with the rich, famous, and those rolling in dough. You can do it too now. 

A Barndominium, is a word that is a mixture of ‘Barn’ and ‘Condominium’. These homes are modern and contemporary, often built out of new or repurposed barns or metal pole structures. They are brilliant choices for rural areas and in agricultural communities, they are a country home in aesthetics, and they fit beautifully against the rural backdrop of the states. 

Living in Arkansas you can definitely build a Barndominium, Arkansas has plenty of free space, so why not use it. One of the biggest advantages to building yourself a Barndominium in Arkansas is the simple design and construction.

Barndominiums are very easy to put up as a structure, you can have your new home sorted within a matter of weeks rather than months or years which you may expect from any other home type. This short construction period means that many people will find this more accessible, and if people have the space, Barndominiums are a brilliant way to get yourself your perfect home. 

Another benefit of building your own Barndominium in Arkansas is that the costs are so low. As construction takes such a short time, you do not need to spend much time or money on later, saving you that extra cash and freeing up the room in your budget for customization, having customization really makes the effort of building your own home worth it.

You can get custom cabinets, appliances, furniture and more. It makes it unique, totally yours and is everything you have been looking for. It is exactly what you won’t get in any other home, your dreams are coming true with your perfect Barndominium. 

Any state that has plenty of land to spare is a great place to build a Barndominium, and Arkansas has just that. Arkansas is a great place to build a Barndominium, many are already popping up here and there. 

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in Arkansas?

One of the biggest issues people have when it comes to building your own home is the cost. Wherever you live, the cost of building your own house is always going to be an issue.

As you look into building your own Barndominium, you should note that the cost is calculated by the space footage, this can make things a lot easier for you in planning rooms, such as how many bedrooms you want, or how many bathrooms you will have in your Arkansas Barndominium. Calculating the square footage and amount of rooms you will have is a fantastic way to determine the floor plan of your Barndominium and do the math for the costs of your entire project. 

So what does the cost of a Barndominium in Arkansas look like? Well, the traditional cost of a home in Arkansas can be anywhere from $100 to $155 per square foot, this price will usually include material and labor too, but it will not include all the extras such as kitchen appliances, electronics and the like. For this reason you would have to budget for those extras as well.

But if you are building a Barndominium in Arkansas you can find the price range to be cheaper, between $90 and $110 per square foot. While this does not sound like a massive price drop, that is at least $10 per square foot, which really adds up. A Barndominium is cheaper, and it allows more wiggle room when it comes to all the appliances and customization, thanks to the cost savings and overall spaciousness these offers.

You should keep in mind however, while Barndominiums are cheaper, if you do not already own a plot of land you will also have to buy a plot of land which you will build your house on. This is not a cost that is added to the square footage calculation and so you need to account for this cost too.

It is not as though Arkansas is short of land to buy, but this piece of land needs to be financed separated from the actual cost of construction. For this reason it is best that you work with agricultural banks as they will happily assist you in finding the perfect plot of land, as well as the money to buy it, if you need an extra helping hand. 

Do remember that when you look for land that you ensure that the land is zoned for residential purposes as well as utilities. Aggregators compiling land for sale can help you narrow down your search. 

The cost of your Barndominium in Arkansas can fit any budget, but when it comes down to it, it really depends on how much you are willing to spend, what the plot of land costs and how big, in square footage, you want your new home to be.