Can You Build a Barndominium in Washington?

Washington is a popular state for building Barndominiums. This is because of their affordable price and unique appearance that makes the average Washington home look slightly less appealing, especially with their price point.

The price of Barndominiums is the biggest advantage in Washington. Houses can cost anywhere between $150,000 and $250,000 in Washington for a standard family property, but Barndominiums can cost less than the minimum. 

Barndominiums first became popular in southern states due to their metal and steel pole frame that is resistant to rust from snow and rain, which also helps to keep the house cool in the dry months. Washington is a notoriously rainy state, so the metal and steel pole frames are an ideal material for preventing water from rusting up the property.

Not only are metal and steel pole constructions ideal for rainy conditions, but they are incredibly easy to maintain - which will only save you more money in the long run.

Originally, Barndominiums were builts by southern (mostly Texan) horse owners who were tired of traveling back and forth from their barn or stable to their home. Instead, they caught onto the late 80s trend of Barndominiums, which encompasses both condominiums and barns so they could keep their horses and barn animals on their property.

Nowadays, Barndominiums are also used for small businesses and office spaces. If you own a shop or a business, the expansive space of a Barndo is convenient enough to keep everything in one property. They are also used for large and small families alike as they can be customized to fit a variety of bedroom sizes.

Washington is a fairly fashionable state when it comes to housing. The beauty of Barndominiums is that owners have more creative liberty than buying a house and renovating it, as Barndos are easily customizable to fit in with the residential area. Wooden Barndominiums are a popular choice for those who prefer the natural look, though they aren’t as resistant to rust from rain as metal and steel pole frames.

Fortunately, most builders and building companies in Washington are well-experienced with building houses that are equipped to handle the intense elements.

As opposed to dry states like California, most of Washington’s builders are skilled in working with metal and steel pole structures as these are the most durable houses for handling rain. This is yet another reason why building Barndominiums in Washington can be a rewarding experience.

Another main advantage of Barndominiums is how quickly they can be built. A regular house that has been built from scratch can take up to a year, whereas a Barndo can be finished within several months. Even the initial construction can be finished within a few weeks!

Barndominiums aren’t an easy project even for the most experienced homeowners. The affordability is worth the stress, however! You just have to keep in mind that you will have to find a suitable area of land, buy a permit, apply for a construction loan, level the ground, and find a reputable builder before you even think about starting to build your new home.

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in Washington?

The cost of a Barndominium all depends on the square footage of the property. The average Washington regular house can cost anywhere between $150,000 and $250,000, but Barndominiums are much less expensive in comparison. They usually cost around $100,000 to $150,000 for a regular Barndo.

The estimated cost of building a Barndominium in Washington is around $115 to $130 per square foot. This covers the costs of the roof, floor, walls, fittings, and electricity. In comparison to an average Washington house that costs around $150 per square foot to build, Barndominiums offer much more money to spend on extras such as a pool and unique fittings.

You will often find that Barndo owners have luxurious interiors to their houses, and it’s because of the extra money they have made from building their own place. The extra money you would normally spend on a regular house mortgage can go towards high-end bathrooms and kitchens, premium-quality floors and countertops, fireplaces, electronics, and more.

The other expenses you must consider include choosing and buying a plot of land, hiring a builder, getting a permit, and applying for a construction loan.

When looking for a plot of land, you must consider the size of the land in relation to the square footage of your desired Barndo. This land must be leveled out and should be located near other residential houses so you have access to utilities such as electricity and plumbing.

When looking for a builder, you must find a reputable builder who has experience in metal and steel pole frames - or wooden frames if that’s your chosen Barndo style.

Fortunately, most builders in Washington are skilled in working with metal and steel pole constructions due to the material’s ability to withstand and resist rust from rain and snow. As Washington is notoriously rainy, it only makes sense that the builders are skilled in building properties that can withstand the elements.

Barndominiums don’t come with a typical mortgage as with a regular house. Instead, you must apply for a construction loan. This loan will last up to a year, and if the loan hasn’t been paid off within this time, the rest of the loan is then converted into a mortgage.

To apply for this loan, you must meet the requirements. You should have a credit score of at least 680, you must have proof that you have the funds and plans to pay off the loan, and you cannot be paying more than 45% of your income on debts. You must also pay at least 20% of the construction loan before building your property.

Of course, there are other external factors that will increase the cost of the Barndo, including how large the property is and your chosen fittings. However, Barndominiums are an affordable way to own a house in Washington - especially as they are customizable and you can build your dream forever home.