Can You Build A Barndominium In Idaho?

Barndominiums, or barndos as they are often called, are a fantastic cost effective way of building a new home. These barn structures are much more affordable to build than a traditional home, and they are often cheaper to run, too.

However, while it may be tempting to opt for a barndominium instead of a traditional home, you will need to ensure that you are allowed to build one in your state. So, can you build a barndominium in Idaho?

Can you build a barndominium in Idaho?

You can indeed build a barndominium in Idaho. You shouldn’t encounter any legal restrictions in Idaho which will prevent you from building the barndominium of your dreams. The most important factor that could limit what style or size of barndominium you build in Idaho will be dependent on the size of land that you have.

The one crucial element for building the barndominium of your dreams is finding the right piece of land for your needs. It must be suitable for building a residential building, otherwise your barndominium won’t last.

Your piece of land should also be zoned for housing, as well as be accessible to all necessary utilities and emergency services. You wouldn’t want a home which can’t access basic amenities or emergency services in a pinch!

It should be fairly simple to find a suitable plot of land for you in Idaho. Most online listings will allow you to use search filters so you can find the perfect plot of land for the size of a barndominium that you have in mind.

As long as your chosen plot of land covers the points we’ve mentioned, you’ll know it’s perfect for your needs. You will need to ensure that your plot of land is suitable for the size of the barndominium that you wish to build.

How much does it cost to build a barndominium in Idaho?

The price of your barndominium will be entirely dependent on how big it is. Barndominiums tend to vary in price depending on the square footage required. This should help you choose the best floor plan for your needs, as it will dictate your budget. You can also find out what size barndominium you can afford, and how much you’ll need to save up to meet your requirements.

Barndominiums typically cost around $99 per square foot to build in Idaho. At first glance this may not appear all that different from a traditional home, however for example this will cover the whole cost of a 2,000 square foot barndominium. As you can see, this will be much cheaper than building a traditional home.

Building traditional homes in Idaho will cost you roughly $120 per square foot. It’s worth noting that this won’t include the price of the land that you will need to purchase beforehand.

You should also bear in mind that this cost also doesn’t account for non-livable spaces, such as attics or garages. Any other factors that you want to add to your home such as custom cabinetry, luxury flooring, or appliances will also be an additional cost for you to consider.

You can put the extra money that you save building a barndominium towards other things such as any additional storage space, electronics, or other custom features that you want to add to your living space.

It’s also worth remembering that the overall cost of your barndominium will differ depending on the materials you choose to use.

Wood vs metal barndominiums

Barndominium is of course a play on the words condominium and barn. Your first thought when you hear the word barn is likely to be a wooden structure most commonly used on farms to store things like hay or house animals.

Barn conversions are really popular, and this wooden structure gives it a beautiful aesthetic. However, wooden barndominiums are much more expensive than steel barndominiums. This is because you will likely have to pay your local contractor to ensure that they have been built correctly.

Metal barndominiums are overall cheaper than wooden barndominiums. You can typically buy these in kits. The barndominium kits are much easier to build than the wooden variant, too, as you can often build these yourself. You should weigh up the benefits of each to determine which barndominium you would prefer to build in Idaho. Mostly it will come down to personal taste as to which you prefer out of the two.

Are barndominiums a good investment?

Barndominiums are generally considered to be a good investment. This is because they are often cheaper than building a traditional home from scratch, and come with a range of other benefits.

They do have some negative points, true, but barndominiums are not for everyone. Typically they are built in more rural areas, because they require your own plot of land to build them. This will be much better suited for those who want to escape fast paced city life.

Other benefits of building a barndominium over a traditional home include the fact that they offer superior durability, as well as the fact it takes a lot less time to build one. There will be fewer upkeep issues with a metal barndominium than you would have with a traditional home, which can be a lifesaver if you don’t have the time to be constantly surveying your home for damage. 

Another great advantage of barndominiums is that you can customize the space to suit your needs. A good quality barndominium will be able to suit multiple purposes because of the greater space. If you’re self employed or work from home, this gives barndominiums a massive advantage over traditional homes which can limit you in terms of usability.

In summary

So there you have it! Now you know you can indeed build a barndominium in Idaho. We’ve also covered the cost factors you will need to consider, such as finding the right plot of land for your barndominium.

It costs roughly $99 per square foot to build a barndominium in Idaho, and this will also be entirely dependent on what style of building you opt for.