Can You Build A Barndominium In Maryland?

Yes, you can build a barndominium in Maryland.

In fact, with its combination of lower material costs and shorter labor times – meaning significantly smaller labor costs too, building a barndominium in Maryland is a very viable way for people – especially first-time buyers who might otherwise have no hope of getting onto the property ladder – to afford to build their first home.

Obviously, you can’t just roll up on any piece of land you like and erect your barndominium – there are steps to go through, and codes to follow. Take a look at these to see the rules with which you have to comply when building a new home in Maryland:

  1.    Maryland Building Codes
  2.    Building Codes Administration

It’s also worth keeping in mind that while Maryland has these statewide codes to follow, individual counties will probably add their own local codes, regulations, and permits that will be necessary before you put up your barndominium. It may be well worth your while to consult a practiced and experienced barndominium building specialist, of whom there are many across the state of Maryland, to get a handle on exactly how the rules apply in the country where you’ve decided to make your home. Whether or not you decide to go forward with a local barndominium builder, or build your own from scratch, they can be a useful source of the kind of Maryland-specific and county-specific information you need to make sure your barndominium build goes as smoothly as possible.

In particular, they might be able to help in terms of finding the perfect location for your barndominium. That’s a choice that can make or break your enjoyment of your new barndominium.

Naturally, you’re going to need some idea of zoning laws within the county in which you intend to settle – and the experts who’ve helped lots of other people find the right spot might well be able to help you too, though they’ll probably ask for a consideration for their time and expertise.

Obviously, you’ll be looking for somewhere connected to the local infrastructure for power, water, sewage, and ideally in the 21st-century wi-fi. But it’s worth knowing that in Maryland, there are plenty of rural areas where zoning laws don’t apply, so you could potentially get a reasonably easy ride, were you to bring your barndominium to one of those areas.

You’ll already be factoring in elements like the resources that mean the most to you in the local area, including places to work, places to shop for both essentials and frivolities, and the likes of schools and colleges if you are, or if you plan to become parents, or if you want to take courses yourself.

If you do decide to locate your barndominium in a rural area, that takes on a new significance – make sure you’re either on a bus route or within easy driving distance, because while there are enormous pluses to relocating to a rural area, being too remote can end up costing you more than it’s worth in terms of both gas and the inconvenience of a long commute. 

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in Maryland?

Before we consider the cost of a barndominium in Maryland, let’s check out the alternative. If you were to build a traditional house in Maryland with, say, 2x4 timber framing, you’d be looking at a build cost of around $150 per square foot. That of course is before you fill the house with anything – electronics, electricity to feed the electronics, a kitchen to feed the people playing the electronics, etc. We’re talking $150 per square foot of bare-butt shell.

Want to know how much you’d pay in build cost for a barndominium in Maryland?

Something around $132 per square foot.

We know – big whoop, right, what’s $18 between friends? Maybe a Friday night pizza?

But of course, that’s $18 per square foot. On an area that might well be 2000 square feet. That’s 2000 Friday night pizzas, or a heck of a saving on your shell build cost, which you can then spend on getting all the things to put inside the shell.

The cost will alter of course depending on whether you choose to do all the work yourself or hire a barndominium construction expert. There are plenty of those in Maryland, so you should find at least a handful worth talking to. Remember – check their past experience, and any reviews and ratings they have. Bad reviews don’t always mean a bad company, but the more positive reviews a barndominium builder has, the more satisfied people there are who have been helped by them in your area.

That will tell you a lot of what you need to know. It’s also worth checking how many similar projects they’ve undertaken, so you can get an idea of whether they’ll hear you and understand your particular needs, and what sort of proportion of those positive reviews were on projects like yours.

If you need financing to turn your barndominium dream into a Maryland reality, you have access to a few financial organizations that have a strong history in lending to barndominium builders.

Maryland Farm Bureau Bank

The Maryland Farm Bureau Bank has long been investing in people bringing large agricultural projects to the state. Partnerships with the likes of the Farm Bureau mean the MFBB knows where you’re coming from, and will undoubtedly understand your needs and how to meet them. 

Peoples Bank

Peoples Bank is another Maryland institution that has worked closely with the local agricultural community. It has a history of building links, fostering relationships, and making sure those relationships are equally beneficial to all parties.

The bank has a strong record of positive lending, based on an enthusiasm to see people and projects succeed in Maryland, so likewise, Peoples Bank might well be worth investigating or visiting if you need to get your barndominium project financed.

Whichever route you go, you’ll likely be paying a lot less to build your barndominium in Maryland than it would cost you to build a traditional house. That’s why barndominium living is becoming increasingly popular, especially with young people whose prospects of getting straight onto the traditional property ladder have been adversely affected by the financial crisis. Build your barndominium in Maryland, and you’ll reap the financial benefits. Plus, you’ll be in Maryland!