Can You Build a Barndominium in Mississippi?

Yes! You definitely can build a barndominium in Mississippi. However, you cannot just start building wherever you want. There are a few (well, more than a few actually) rules and regulations that you need to follow first.

Just like building a house, you first need to have a plot of land available to you. This needs to be land that you own. As well as this, it will also need to have access to utilities, such as water, electricity, gas (if relevant), and sewerage. 

The plot of land that you want to build your barndominium on must also be zoned out ready for residential construction. This may mean that you need planning permission and other declarations from relevant authorities to state that the land is safe and suitable to build on.

When you have a piece of land that is suitable to build on, you can then start thinking about how you are going to finance your barndominium build in Mississippi. You can check out the Mississippi Land Bank, and Southern AgCredit who both offer financial aid to help you build your dream barndominium.

When you have secured financial aid to help cover the costs of building your dream barndominium (because trust us, it can be costly), you can then start to think about how you plan to build it. Maybe you want to try your hand at it yourself. In which case, it is vital that you adequately research how to build them safely and securely, and follow any building regulations as instructed by the state.

You may also want to hire professionals to build it for you, or even shop around for a barndominium building kit. Whatever suits you and your needs best is the option you should choose, just make sure that any builders are registered professionals, and that if you do it yourself it follows all of the safety regulations needed.

For your peace of mind, we have included some of the best barndominium builders in the Mississippi area so you know you are in safe hands! Head on down to the last section to find out more.

How much does it cost to build a Barndominium in Mississippi?

Whilst we cannot promise you that the cost of building a barndominium in Mississippi will be low we can promise you that they are likely to be much lower than the cost of building a traditional house! You may still need some decent savings, as well as financial help from a bank or lender, but building a barndominium is still far cheaper than most other types of self-builds.

In terms of exact figures, the truth is that it wholly depends on your particular build. The expected cost of building a barndominium in Mississippi can be anywhere from 75 dollars per square foot to $100 per square foot. Depending on the size of your build and quality of materials (as well as any additional labor costs) the price may decrease or rise past these expected figures.

What is a Mississippi Barndominium?

A Mississippi barndominium is the name given to a particular type of barndominium that became popular in Mississippi. Despite its name, it actually originates in Texas - although we are not quite sure that Texan barndominium has the same ring to it. The concept of a Mississippi barndominium is that of wide open space and an overall rustic aesthetic. This also means that the materials used to build it are rustic.

The concept was originally developed by Texan horse riders and keeps. There was a need for a barn that was far easier to access (perhaps they were tired of having to tend the horses outside in all sorts of weather conditions). That is where the idea of the Mississippi barndominium was born.

The first designs were basically huge houses with a barn attached to them. Often there was also a shop there, especially if the horsemen were also tradesmen. As time went on, this concept turned into something a little cleaner, and a little less smelly.

The barndominiums of today have developed from houses with a barn attached, to something a little more homely. They are often used in a commercial setting, such as for offices or stores. However, it is becoming more and more common to see people design and build barndominiums for the purpose of creating a family home!

Builders of Mississippi barndominiums will be very familiar with the more rustic look they have. As such, it is not uncommon to find them with a wood exterior. Indeed, these days, it is likely that sturdy metal or steel will be used for construction since this is thought to be the safest, most secure option. There may then be wood used on the exterior and roof for an aesthetic appeal.

It is important to note that whilst Mississippi barndominiums exist, these are not the only type of barndominium to be found in the state. In fact, it may be more common to find the more modern style of barndominium, as explained in the previous sections.

Who builds Barndominiums in MS?

There are a number of certified builders of barndominiums within Mississippi, or at least in the surrounding states that are happy to travel to Mississippi. It can be pretty overwhelming trying to find a good, trustworthy builder to trust with your dream barndominium. With this in mind, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the best barndominium builders who were happy to cover Mississippi that we could find.

First up we have the countrywide company Morton Buildings who just so happen to have an office in MS, and some very impressive builds.

Next up is Mississippi-based Vintage Home Builders. This local company has a wonderful Facebook page where they share the most envy-worthy updates of barndominium projects they are working on.

There are likely many more builders that specialize in Barndominiums in MS and the surrounding States, but these are the two that we are crazy about!